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At Poker Hall we are dedicated for the protection of your personal and financial details. We make you aware that why we have collected the information and for what reason we make use of the collected information. This poker policy will be finalized between you and Poker Hall. Probably there will be some changes in this policy but you will be informed about it if there are any changes made. You can make regular visits to our poker policy.

We have reserved the right for performing any form of security evaluation for the legalizing your age, identity, and the important details submitted by you for making use of our services. Security evaluation might comprise but it is not restricted for making order of credit report or else making sure the details that you offer against the database of any other source.

We totally identify with the significance of the safety of the details and what all methods should be incorporated to secure it. We make sure that the details provided by you are safe and protected. When you provide us with the important information then which gets protected by a password and gets added to our security system.

When you click either of the two buttons i.e. of Submit and I agree that means that you acknowledge the terms and conditions. As the field of technology is dynamic in nature and can change anytime so we donít take any responsibility for all those actions which take place outside our control. We also donít take any responsibility of any direct or indirect damage that is associated to your personal information. There are chances that we gather the information regarding you from the different vendors on the internet. We will be having an access to the details that you provide to the third party.

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