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Casino History

There is no confirmed information of the start of the online casinos but it is said that it started in the year 1990s. Nowadays, majority of the people are into online gambling and the credit goes to the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act in Antigua and Barbuda. With this act it provided a safe platform for the online casinos and soon this is how the industry got started. The total revenue of the online gambling in the year 2003 was five billion dollars and it is bound to increase in the coming times.

There are two big names in the producing the online casino software i.e. Microgaming and Microsoft. With the internet connections now the online gamblers can enjoy the wide varieties of online casino games and they enjoy more features while playing their favorite online casino games. As mentioned there is a great variety of online casino games if you donít like playing Blackjack, you can play Baccarat and moreover you can play these games anytime. If you donít know how to play the game then there are tutorials which will guide you how to go about a particular game.

It was in the mid nineties that some of the online casinos claimed that they came first. In the year 1996 there was another arrival of the sports book which was having a plan to start an online casino. With the American rules the industry of online casinos has witnessed a great development from Caribbean islands to the European and Asian countries. The government has also show interest in online gambling websites. They are offering their players to play in their native language.

Currently Atlantis is a famous name throughout the online gambling industry that provides the players with free trips and five figured slots payouts. The online casinos provide different bonuses and other gift items. You can reach to the customer support team anytime if you have any doubt or query.


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